EdTek Interactive Board

Our interactive smart boards are the perfect solution for digital classrooms, helping teachers to engage students with dynamic and interactive lessons. With our boards, you can create an interactive, immersive learning environment that enhances student learning and retention. With this touchscreen technology, you can interact with the board in a way that was never possible with traditional whiteboards...


Fantastic Screen Resolution and Video Quality

EdTek interactive board is set out to bridge learning/training gap. The high definition display brings learning to live for learners.

EdTek Interactive Boards is the perfect way to bring the world into the training room/classroom without stress

  • User Friendly and Easy to install.
  • 5 years product warranty.
  • Connects out of class students with ease.
  • Durable and Long lasting specially designed for pupils and students’ usage.
  • Pre loaded with 3D multimedia learning resources to stimulate interest in STEM topics & interactive quizzes for WASSCE, JAMB, etc.
  • Write and sketch on document.
  • Easy to use intuitive touch screen.
  • Use all your favorite app and software.
  • Connect with multiple devices wirelessly.


65", 75", 86", 98"


All in one solution

OS support Multi-person and Multi-device training, learning and sharing.

Windows PC, Android, Camera & Keyboard support.

Anti-glare glass with 8 MOHS strength surface protection(protects users' visual health)

Writing software: write on any content, save and share via QR code or email.

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65 Inches 4K UHD Display

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75 Inches 4K UHD Display

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86 Inches 4K UHD Display

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98 Inches 4K UHD Display

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! Looking for an innovative and engaging way to teach your students?

Product Review

The hardware and software of this powerful device is top-notch and smooth. Very fast response speed and easy to use applications.


Tech Savvy

The sound is extremely powerful and loud. Very audible and smooth display picture quality.

Monday John

Class Teacher

Ever since we introduced this beautiful device in our school, we have recieved numerous positive feedback regarding the attitude of students towards learning.


School Owner

To my greatest surprise, this device helped us enlighten nursing mothers in our healthcare centers across the globe. Very fascinating and useful in every session.

Doctor Adewole

Medical Practitioner

Integrating the device into our board meeting room is the best decision ever. Our meeting became smooth and ideas were properly shared and stored across the device at a go with no expertise required. It made life easy.

Joy Oluchi

Management Staff


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Executive Director
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Product Support Enginneer
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Product Support Enginneer


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